Niloofar Mohammadi Far

For our short but first interview ever, we are glad to present Niloofar Mohammadi Far, Iraninan painter!
An amazing 27 year old Iranian artist that amazingly started out in the field of  managment  at the Iranian University, but painted activley for the last 14 years. What started as a ”hobby” she said ,has now turned into amazing atrwork with quite raw and fresh imagery!She alreday had 7 exhibitions organized in Iran, a group exhibition in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and in one month she will have a solo exhibition in ”TAHARANE AZAD” gallery in Tehran!
I paint everything that’s in my mind, without drawing on paper or painting it on canvas, and I do it fast. So they named me an expressive painter.The most important challenge that occurs in my mind is the connection between people. Their behavior with eachother and in their connection in  lives. What they do when they fall in love, or are with child or every connection they have with another person that is a art of their lives. It’s not important where they are, or what they put on – the only important thing is the connection between them, no matter the roles in their lives.”
We also asked Niloofar how does Iran stand on ”Art”?
Surely, being a painter is difficult  all around the world, especially in some countries,like Iran. In Iran we can paint, as long as we don’t brake any of its laws. For example…I do figurative painting, and sometimes I will have a nude model  for my motif, or maybe a motif of a close relationship between people- this isn’s acceptable for Iranian law, so we cannot exhibit that kind of work in an art gallery (mainly, in public), so we must keep these paintings at home.I guess we will have to wait for a change…”
 Niloofar is still a young artist so we expect great things from her!


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